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You can use your jBlast service to send fax broadcasts as often as you wish — daily, weekly, or even just once a year. When you send a broadcast, we’ll charge you only a few cents per successfully delivered fax page. Faxes that can’t be delivered won’t cost you a thing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With jBlast, you don’t need any fax hardware, software or additional equipment. The entire process is handled online and all you need is an Internet connection to send a fax broadcast. When you sign up for jBlast, we’ll give you access to a secure account portal, which is where you will login to send your fax broadcasts.
Yes! jBlast can send your fax broadcast to fax numbers with any US area code and to numbers in nearly 30 countries around the world. You can find send rates here.
You don’t need a fax number to create a jBlast fax broadcast account. We will send your fax broadcasts from our cloud-based platform and to your recipients your faxes will look as if they came from a standard fax machine or fax server.

* There are separate per-page fax rates for standard US-sized letter paper, legal paper, as well as per-page rates for mail merge services. Pages that contain excessive amounts of graphics may incur additional per-page charges. Optional re-dial attempts beyond the original number of re-dial attempts may incur additional charges per attempt.

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