Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Fax broadcasting is a service that lets you send a single fax to thousands of recipients simultaneously.

With jBlast, you don’t need any fax hardware, software or additional equipment. The entire process is handled online and all you need is an Internet connection to send a fax broadcast. When you sign up for jBlast, we’ll give you access to a secure account portal, which is where you will login to send your fax broadcasts.

Yes! jBlast can send your fax broadcast to fax numbers with any US area code and to numbers in nearly 30 countries around the world. You can find send rates here.

You don’t need a fax number to create a jBlast fax broadcast account. We will send your fax broadcasts from our cloud-based platform and to your recipients your faxes will look as if they came from a standard fax machine or fax server.

Yes! With the simple mail-merge feature, you can customize your fax broadcast in a number of ways. You can address each fax to the name of its recipient, change details in your cover page or even include different fax pages altogether for different subgroups you specify in your distribution list. You can manage all of this customization from your user-friendly jBlast account portal.

No, jBlast does not provide a fax number. But you don’t need one to send a fax broadcast through our service. You can just use our online platform, and we’ll take care of the faxing for you.

Yes. In the “Advanced Settings” area, you can adjust the fax image resolution by choosing from Draft Resolution (204 x 98 dpi) or the sharper Fine Resolution (204 x 196 dpi).

jBlast’s Billing Code field lets you place a unique identifier on each fax destination in your fax broadcast, which will appear in your fax history report but not in the fax document itself. When you need to apply charges to different clients or different budgets, this Billing Code feature provides a convenient means of cross-referencing.

Your jBlast Fax History report provides summary information about all broadcasts that have already been completed, and they are accessible by date. Each Fax History report includes the following information:

  • Reference number
  • Date and time received
  • Date and time the broadcast was scheduled
  • Date and time the broadcast was completed delivery
  • Number of pages
  • Number of successful fax destination
  • Number of failed fax destinations
  • Unique billing code

You can cancel a fax broadcast directly from your jBlast account portal. Simple instructions for cancelling a fax broadcast are available in the portal, and if you have any trouble or questions you can always contact jBlast Customer Support.

Sending Fax Broadcasts

Log in to your secure jBlast account portal, create a new fax broadcast, and then add your recipient distribution list by either uploading from your computer or selecting a list already stored in your jBlast account. Once your distribution list is ready, you’ll add the document(s) you want included in your fax broadcast and an optional cover message. Then you can select details like paper size (letter or legal), what will appear in the “From” field, what date and time jBlast should send the fax broadcast, and even specific billing codes.

jBlast supports several file formats for your faxes:

Supported Documents Supported Fax List Formats
MS Excel MS Excel
MS Word ASCII Comma Delimited
RTF Files
Adobe Acrobat

Yes. You can preview it before sending. All you need to do is click the "Preview" button, and you will see exactly what your fax broadcast will look like. If you are satisfied, click “Send.”

You can view a fax’s status in real-time from your jBlast account portal. If you click the “Current Faxes” button, you will see a real-time view of the deliveries, “undeliverables”, and other details about a current fax broadcast. You can also view this level of detail for any of your previous faxes by clicking “Fax History” and then selecting the previous fax you want to review.

jBlast can also email you two types of reports for each fax broadcast:

The Fax Broadcast Confirmation Report is an email jBlast sends you indicating the system has successfully received your fax broadcast submission. It includes details such as:

  • A reference number identifying the fax broadcast
  • Billing code entered when broadcast was submitted
  • Total destinations to which the broadcast is going
  • Estimated cost of the broadcast, including applicable taxes

The Fax Broadcast Completion Report is another email jBlast sends to provide you details of the final results of your fax broadcast, including:

  • Reference number identifying the fax broadcast
  • Billing code entered when broadcast was submitted
  • A “completed at” timestamp
  • Total destinations to which the broadcast was sent
  • Successful destinations count
  • Failed destinations count
  • Cost of the broadcast, including applicable taxes

If a recipient on your fax broadcast asks to be excluded from your future broadcasts, simply place their number in your “Do Not Fax” list. If this number is in any fax distribution list in your jBlast account, or if you ever upload it with another distribution list, our system will automatically skip delivery to that fax number.

After your fax has been delivered, you can easily download all of the undeliverable fax numbers, so you can keep your database up to date and ready for your next fax broadcast.

Billing Questions

jBlast is 6 cents per successful page for USA, Canada, and the UK. International rates may apply for other countries. Click here for international send rates.

If you use the “mail merge” feature, please note cost is at rate of 12 cents per successful page for USA, Canada, and the UK.  International rates may apply for other countries.

No. You are only charged for faxes successfully delivered to your recipients.

No. The jBlast service is pay as you go. We have no monthly fees or setup fees, and you can use our service as often as you wish — daily, weekly or just once a year. It is completely self-serve, managed by you online.

No. There are no minimum or maximum sending requirements.

For the first 30 days after your account is opened, you will need jBlast Customer Support to add funds for you. This is for security purposes. After 30 days, however, you can add funds directly by logging into you account, going to “Money Manager” and following the instructions there. When we apply your funds to your jBlast account, you will receive an email confirmation.

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