Email marketing is everywhere and the usual go-to for every business. While email marketing has its place, you are ignoring the power of broadcast fax. Email open rates are abysmal lately. They hover around 10-17% if you are lucky. One of the key reasons email is not effective is people are deluged with them daily and no longer see them as important or valuable. As you read this you have probably received 2-3 email messages that you will probably ignore. Fax, on the other hand, is perceived differently than email as more important.

Many companies have been using fax broadcast marketing for years. A fax broadcast is one of few b2b communication tools that enable suppliers, vendors and marketers to quickly communicate a message and see an immediate delivery. However, most businesses use e-mail broadcast marketing exclusively and it’s important to compare the two in the most important category: open rates.

Fax Broadcast open rates exceed 90%
Fax broadcasting is more powerful today than in the past when most receivers had an analog fax machine. Many fax providers have converted analog fax to digital cloud fax. Their users get a notification in email and then open the fax attachment. Because fax is perceived as time-sensitive and important users will give it more attention over an email marketing message. On average we see a > 90% fax delivery rate. Faxes get delivered and seen!

Email open rates are the worst ever With Email you are dealing with receivers who routinely filter or block email newsletters; not to mention spam filters. According to Campaign Monitor here are the Click to Open rates of emails for 2020 based on industry:

With average rates in the teens, it's no wonder entire cottage industries have popped up trying to figure out new and novel ways to get eyes on the messages. Consumers and businesses are as savvy as ever in filtering out email messages.

As you can see fax is a powerful B2B marketing tool. It is too powerful to ignore. No one is saying to scrap your MailChimp account, but instead, add more ammunition to your marketing campaigns and utilize broadcast fax to reach your potential customers and clients.

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